Stone Valley at Midnight: a twine story

It’s been a while since my last twine, and this one’s been a while in the making (not nearly as long as the next one though). It’s called Stone Valley at Midnight and you can play it here. CW for mild body horror. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, even if you’re going slow. Most browsers will play music after the ### link.

I’ve never really minded whether you call my twines games or IF or whatever. Personally, I don’t think of this one as a game at all (there’s no branching whatsoever – hence “a story” on the title page) but again, whatever floats your boat.

I wrote Stone Valley at Midnight about moving to a new city, transition, drugs, body modification, and non-human identity. Obviously, how you read it is up to you. I’d be interested to know what you think & answer any questions. Comment here or tumblr or twitter. My email’s [update:], feel free to write me about whatever <3

Huge thanks to those who checked this over for me & provided feedback, especially at :D

(btw everything described in the story is a real place. here’s how the bridge looks during the day according to street view)



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