Alice & Joe: a text game about boobs

The Boob Jam is, well, a game ‘jam’ about tits. Specifically, tits in any context other than as sex objects for hetero dudes. I don’t really play games, but I know enough about them to feel good about this, and I have sufficient interest in the subject matter (as both a hetero dude and a boob-owner) to want to geg in.

This is the shape of my geg: Alice & Joe, a short piece of IF which feels a lot like Pure Again in being a spooky little blip of body magic. The stylesheet is ‘Closed In’ by the amazingly talented Leon Arnott. Both of the characters can be trans or cis (+ gynecomastic in Joe’s case), just as you please. And you can read the whole story, which only branches once, from either character’s perspective. (So there are two ‘true’ endings, and two passages per ending, totalling four ending passages.)

This is important because Alice & Joe is mostly about viewpoints and how your own body always feels like the biggest deal in the world. Which makes sense, because perspective insists closer objects appear bigger, and no object could get closer than your body.

It also comes with a warning about dysphoria and internalised body-shaming and it’s all moderately angsty. I hope you like it! Once again, the story can be found here and anonymous feedback can be left here. <3


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