Pure Again: a text game

I finished my second twine game! Yay!

It’s neither of the longer ones I said I was working on. It’s quite short and the design is very simple. It has bodyswapping trans* themes – sort of magic realism or SF, perhaps. One way or another, it’s about bodies and body-suffering and taking a stand to get your damn life fixed by any means necessary.

On another level, it’s about being a British man in online trans* spaces (including ‘queer’ game spaces) and feeling like your voice doesn’t exist. Being an invisible minority within a group whose whole thing is that we’re an invisible minority. As a man you’re assumed amab, as a transsexual you’re assumed amab. I just wanted to make a dark SFy twine game that spoke to trans experiences in a way that made no assumptions about gender. The next step is straight-up trans male representation, one day, but I’m going to finish my monster-hunting one first!

The protagonist and Kipper are deliberately ambiguous; I hope that’s obvious. Anyway. Thinking of names is one of the reasons I write more fan than original fic. Also, on yet another level? It’s about my crush on cycling links. Here it is one last time. I hope you like it! :3 Anonymous feedback can be left here.

Update: it was highly recommended on freeindiegames! Porpentine not only played this one – she tweeted me several times to say it was ‘really well done’ and other nice stuff. This is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I’m proud and grateful and feel like I could conquer the world with hypertext.


5 thoughts on “Pure Again: a text game

  1. Reblogged this on Transilhouette and commented:
    This is amazing, poetic piece of interactive fiction. Everyone should explore this. I identify acutely with this segment in particular:

    “You reach out, but jump to realise that your arm is shorter than expected.

    No. That’s not the problem. Your arm is now exactly as long as you expect it to be – as you always expected it to be. Your confusion arises from no longer having to compensate for reality’s shortcomings.”

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